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Fresno | Clovis Business Leads Group

Lead$ of North Fresno is an organization of business and professional people who meet weekly for the sole purpose of exchanging business leads in order to enhance their individual business or profession.

There are no outside speakers and conflicts of interest are not allowed, however some occupations may overlap.

Please be our guest for breakfast next Thursday morning and learn how Lead$ of North Fresno can help you to make more money. Bring 30 to 35 business cards to hand out to our members so that they can begin working for you. You can check to see if your category is still open by phoning (559) 309-0625 in advance.

Who We Need

Auto Detailer
Auto Lube/Oil
Blind Cleaning
Bathtub & Tile Refinishing
Closet Organizers
Car Wash
Collection Service
Credit Bureau
Dry Cleaner

Foreclosure Service
Garage Doors
Golf Instructor
Plastic Surgeon
Interior Plantscape
Water Treatment
Tree Care
Towing Service
Office Furniture